Three Angel Moms -- parents who have had their children killed by illegal immigrants -- spoke out on The Story after being invited to the White House by President Trump.

Agnes Gibboney called out critics of the Trump administration's adherence to immigration law, saying that the real separation of parents and children involve families like hers.

Gibboney's son, Ronald Da Silva, was murdered in 2002 in California's Inland Empire by illegal immigrant gang member Luis Gonzalez, according to the Whittier Daily News.

"The media doesn't report truthfully what separation of families really is," she said.

Holding up a photograph of her son's tombstone, Gibboney added, "I would like to show what real separation of families is. This is what separates my son and myself ... a coffin and six feet of dirt."

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Laura Wilkerson, whose son was killed near Houston by Belizean illegal immigrant Hermilo Moralez, said Joshua Wilkerson "went to school one day and never came home."

Wilkerson said Joshua was beaten with a closet rod, kicked until his spleen ruptured, and later bound and set on fire in a field by his classmate, Moralez.

"They don't understand the meaning of suffering," Wilkerson said of Trump's critics. "We will suffer for the rest our life on this earth."

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