Angel Dad Ray Tranchant gave remarks in remembrance of his daughter, who was killed by a drunken-driving illegal immigrant in Virginia Beach, Va., at a White House forum hosted by President Trump.

Tranchant's daughter, Tessa, and her friend Ally Kunhardt, were killed when 22-year-old Alfredo Ramos rammed into the back of their car at a stoplight on US-58, according to the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

Tranchant said the girls had driven to a Wawa convenience store to buy gum moments before they encountered Ramos speeding at 70 miles per hour down Virginia Beach Boulevard with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit.

Tranchant said neighbors "thought a bomb went off" when Ramos' 1998 Mitsubishi slammed into the back of Kunhardt's car.

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Ramos was found with a fake ID out of Florida that was purchased by the drug cartels, and couldn't speak English, Tranchant said.

Tranchant said the girls were the real "dreamers" and that politicians should focus their energies on people like them instead of those illegal immigrants dubbed "DREAMers."

He said the government must stop the "invaders and people who come over our borders and decide to take laws into their own hands."

Tranchant said his mother spent 10 years working toward being legally accepted as an immigrant from Northern Ireland, and that she needed a sponsor and had to take several exams in order to be compliant with the policies at the time.

He thanked Trump, saying that he was not treated well by the relevant officials in Virginia's largest city after his daughter was killed.

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