Tucker Carlson debated Mexican-American journalist Jorge Ramos over the frontrunner in the 2018 Mexican presidential election reportedly defending the rights of "migrants [across] the American continent" to move to the United States.

Carlson said many on the left speak of the "sinister influence of foreign countries on our government" and often mean to describe Russia.

However, he said the real "influence" is coming from Mexico, which he said is "encouraging illegal immigration" to America.

He said Mexican authorities or organizations are going so far as to publish guides on how to avoid deportation once in the States.

Carlson told Ramos that Mexico appears to be sending its poorest residents because it is "cheaper" for America to take care of them.

"[That's] a very good deal for the Mexican ruling class," he said, adding that presidential frontrunner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is essentially encouraging illegal immigration.

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Ramos said Mexican nationals living abroad have a right to vote in Mexican elections.

"We're told immigrants are eager to assemble here. [Lopez Obrador] campaigned for the presidency of Mexico in more than a dozen American cities," Carlson responded, adding that a sizable proportion of the Mexican economy relies on remittances from people now living in the US.

Ramos warned Carlson that Lopez Obrador would usher in a "completely different relationship" with the United States than the current Pena Nieto administration. The election is set for July 1.

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