A fact-checker for The New Yorker magazine sparked controversy when she falsely accused an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent of having a Nazi tattoo.

Talia Lavin, a staff member of The New Yorker and contributor to The Village Voice, tweeted over the weekend that Justin Gaertner -- a combat-wounded Marine veteran who now works as a ICE forensic analyst -- had an Iron Cross tattoo on his elbow.

It is actually a "Titan 2," the symbol for Gaertner's platoon while he fought in Afghanistan.

The New Yorker apologized, distanced itself from the tweet and said it deeply regretted any harm caused by Lavin, who has since deleted it and locked her Twitter account. But her accusation was furthered on social media by actor Ron Perlman, who spread the false claim to his nearly 700,000 Twitter followers.

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Marine Staff Sgt. Johnny "Joey" Jones (Ret.) -- who like Gaertner lost both of his legs and suffered other permanent injuries in an IED explosion in Afghanistan -- got to know Gaertner while they were both recovering.

"Quite honestly, his injuries were as bad or worse than mine," Jones said on "Fox & Friends."

"This is a young man who served his country every day of his adult life since he joined the Marine Corps. ... For them to come after him is just, it's disgusting."

He said some people are looking for ways to attack ICE agents, simply because they disagree with the laws that the agency enforces.

"If you have a problem with politicians, take it up with politicians," Jones said.

"It's appalling. It truly is. And it exposes the emotional standpoint that so many people are coming from that has nothing to do with what's actually going on in the world."

Watch the "Fox & Friends" segment above.

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