Kelsey Johnson, President of the Iron Mining Association of Minnesota, lauded President Donald Trump for his efforts to help American workers through tariffs on steel and iron imports.

Johnson appeared at a rally with Trump Wednesday night in Duluth and also attended a roundtable meeting with the president, where she thanked him for tackling the issue and told him more workers in the state were being called back to the mines.  

She joined "Fox & Friends First" Thursday morning and said Trump has "done a fantastic job of really turning this around the entire economy, especially for this region" in the iron and steel industries.

Not only do the tariffs help reinvigorate the steel industry, Johnson said, it rewards the hard work that American steel and iron workers put in day in and out to "make the steel and make the things that Americans use every day."

Regarding the prices of iron and steel, Johnson said, “He’s provided us with a little bit more stability."

Johnson recalled that in 2015 the northeast Minnesota steel industry was severely impacted by imports. She credited then-President Obama for acting to help, but said Trump has gone far beyond his predecessor to put the industry on better footing.  

Some have argued that Trump's protectionist trade policies could hurt the economy overall by forcing American consumers to pay higher prices. 

But Johnson said it's a "small price to pay" to secure the nation's steel and iron industries, which are critical for national defense and critical infrastructure. 

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