Sean Hannity said he is "literally boiling over the immigration lie" being propagated by the Democrats, and asked "Life, Liberty & Levin" host Mark Levin for his take.

"Where is Stormy Daniels and her slip-and-fall lawyer when we need them," Levin riffed.

Levin ripped Democrats for comparing American immigrant detention centers to World War II-era internment camps for Japanese-Americans.

He said that Democrats know a lot about internment since it was President Franklin Roosevelt and the Democrats who set them up.

Levin added that Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama knew about the country's asylum-seeker and illegal immigrant detention programs because they presided over them.

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"Donald Trump is now Hitler [according to some critics]," Levin said, adding that opponents took issue early on with family separations at the border.

"[Trump says] let's unite the families at the border... he's still Hitler," Levin said of some of the extreme rhetoric.

Levin said that leaves the only answer the Democrats would be amenable to as being "open borders."

"They are not human rights advocates on the left, they seek power at all costs," he said.

Levin asked where the mainstream media had been over the last two decades with similar immigrant detention procedures in effect.

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