On the morning after President Trump’s rally in Duluth, Minnesota, locals weighed in on the president's policies, including on the economy and immigration.

"Fox & Friends" correspondent Todd Piro interviewed several diners at Uncle Loui's Cafe as the debate over immigration and border security simmers across America. 

Bob, a Trump voter who works in IT, approved of the measures the president has taken thus far on the economy.

"He has taken the restraints off some of our largest employers," he said, adding he sees "nothing but positive [things] ahead." 

Bob said local residents have been disappointed to see their children grow up and move from the area to find better job opportunities. 

A retired union rep named Marshall said he's happy to see a growing economy, including under President Obama, but said he does not believe Trump's tax cuts are benefiting the middle class.


The conversation then turned to the subject dominating the national conversation: the Trump administration's zero-tolerance border policy, which has caused children to be separated from their parents at Texas detention centers. 

Tim, a salesman who voted for Trump, said the president understands the meaning of sovereignty and wants to protect the borders. 

"He says over and over again: a country without borders no longer exists," he argued, blaming past presidents for not doing enough about the problem of illegal immigration. 

Tina, who ran a women's health center and did not vote for Trump, said she wants to see a bipartisan immigration solution. She said the country was built on immigration and that "compassion has been missing" in the Trump administration. 

Mike, who works in marketing, agreed with Tim, saying "a country without borders isn't a country." He said there have been too many instances of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. 

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