Fox News contributor and Fox News Radio host Guy Benson said Thursday that sending first lady Melania Trump to a Texas detention center was the "first competent, non-stupid thing" that the Trump administration has done since it started enforcing a zero-tolerance policy on illegal border crossings. 

"I'm thinking how this could have been rolled out better and differently if they had thought about the optics in a sharper and savvier way," he said on "Outnumbered."

Later in the show, Benson said an appearance by the first lady earlier in the process could have helped the president, who reversed course one day ago by signing an executive order stopping children from being separated from their parents. 

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Benson said Mrs. Trump asked really good questions to officials at the facility and is the "perfect figure" to show compassion and understanding from the White House. 

His radio co-host, Marie Harf, countered that the bigger issue for the administration was the policy itself, not the messaging. 

"This isn't just that they described it wrong. They made a policy decision that they did not think through, either legally from a policy perspective or from a messaging perspective," said Harf, adding that the policy has not worked as a deterrent as crossings have increased.

Mrs. Trump visited Upbring New Hope Children’s Center in McAllen, Texas, after reportedly urging her husband to amend the zero-tolerance policy on illegal border crossers, including those seeking asylum with their children in tow. 

President Trump, meanwhile, said at a Cabinet meeting in Washington that his wife was at the border "because it really bothered her to look at this and be seeing it, as it bothered me and it bothered everyone at this table."

Watch the discussion above and Melania's comments below. 

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