Radio host and Independent Women's Voice president Tammy Bruce said the media were trying to "distract" from accomplishments President Donald Trump laid out in a Duluth, Minn. rally Wednesday evening.

Bruce told Tucker Carlson that the rally proved Trump "really understands" his base and that "he likes the American people, [which] informs the choices that he makes."

She said that the media likely latched onto the immigration issue to "distract from the IG report" as well as what she called Trump's "incredible accomplishments with North Korea and the economy which is still on fire."

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"All you're going to hear 24/7 is this harangue," she said.

Bruce blasted actor Peter Fonda and former Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Fla.).

Scarborough, an MSNBC anchor, has repeatedly ripped the president on his "Morning Joe" program.

Fonda tweeted violent rhetoric directed at Barron Trump and DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Bruce said reporting from people like Scarborough in the "center-left media" has been "effectively condition[ing]" viewers to believe that everyone thinks the same negative way about Trump and his administration.

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