A Chicago police officer blasted a school principal who provoked outrage by inviting an anti-police extremist to speak at career day.

Ethan Ethos spoke to sixth through eighth-grade students at Wildwood Elementary School as an activist and poet, though things escalated when Ethos began expressing his anti-police sentiments.

Law enforcement officer Fernando Flores, whose child attends the school, said on "Fox & Friends" that many students, especially children of police officers, were offended by what Ethos said.

Flores said that when you tell children that their parents are killers and abusive and that they’re racist, obviously some are going to take that to heart.

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The backlash led to the resignation of principal Mary Beth Cunat, who personally invited Ethos to speak.

"I can’t believe she didn’t vet him properly," Flores said, pointed to Ethos' Facebook account and the "absolutely horrible" content he posted. 

Flores said Ethos' mindset toward police officers is "dangerous," especially for the climate in the city, which has seen recent protests over the use of force by Chicago officers.

"Over the weekend [in Chicago] we had 41 people shot. We had nine homicides, none of those were police-involved. How are police the problem at this point?"

Watch the full interview above.

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