Fox News analyst Brit Hume said President Donald Trump helped himself politically with his latest executive order calling for an end to minors being separated from their accompanying adults when they are apprehended by border agents.

Hume said Democrats were expecting the pressure they put on Republicans to result in a retroactive order returning to the Obama-era policy of "catch-and-release" -- wherein immigrants accompanied by children are released into America with a court summons that often goes unheeded.

Hume said substantively the Trump order "doesn't do very much" because the children can only be held for 20 days, per a judicial decree from Central District of California Federal Judge Dolly Gee.

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In 2015, Gee, an Obama nominee, issued the order as the proper way to comply with another immigration case from 1997 dubbed the Flores Decision.

Part of Trump's order directs Attorney General Jeff Sessions to petition the court to edit its ruling so that children are not separated from their guardians under the new order.

Hume said he is on the board of a Virginia Christian youth organization that houses about 60 immigrant children at a time and takes care of them until their court hearing or until they are placed with relatives or guardians living in the United States.

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