Amid the massive public outcry over children being separated from their parents who are seeking asylum at the U.S. border, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Congress is responsible for working with President Trump and coming up with long-term immigration reform.

Following Attorney General Jeff Sessions' announcement of a “zero-tolerance” policy in dealing with migrants who cross into the U.S. illegally, approximately 2,300 children have been separated from their families since early May and are being held in detention centers in Texas.

Trump has called on Congress to come up with comprehensive immigration reform legislation. In the meantime, he is reportedly considering executive action to allow children to stay with parents caught crossing the border illegally.

"I do agree with the president that Congress needs to do its job, because immigration really falls within ... the responsibility of the Congress," Gonzales said on "America's Newsroom" on Wednesday.

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He said Trump could take executive action on the family separations that have triggered a national outcry and political crisis for Republicans, but that would take pressure off Congress to deliver a long-term fix.

"The downside of the president taking executive action -- which he does have the discretion to do -- is that it would relieve pressure on Congress to do something," Gonzales said, noting that it's the job of the president and Congress to "solve difficult issues" like immigration.

"Congress needs to work together, get the support of the president, of course, in passing legislation that deals with this once and for all."

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