An unidentified woman yelled an expletive directed at President Donald Trump while his entourage was arriving at the Capitol, ahead of a meeting with House Republicans on immigration reform.

"Mr. President, f*** you," the woman can be heard yelling from across the Capitol rotunda.

According to a Fox News producer Chad Pergram, Trump had not yet passed by the corridor at the time of the woman's outburst, but the lead part of his entourage was walking through an adjacent hall.

Trump passed the area about 15-30 seconds afterward.

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Pergam noted that the woman was likely an aide or intern, since the incident occurred after visiting hours ended.

Trump reportedly was headed to the Speaker's Office to meet with Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) prior to the meeting.

A group of aides was being held across the rotunda in order to secure the area the president would be passing through, the producer said.

Watch the outburst above.

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