Tucker Carlson confronted an Oakland city council member Monday on the city's homelessness epidemic after a jogger went viral for throwing out a homeless man's belongings.

Henry Sintay cleared out the makeshift campsite, throwing things into an adjacent lake and into a garbage can. 

"I'm picking up trash, what do you want me to do? ... If you want to help, help," Sintay told a woman who tried to intervene.

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He was later arrested and charged with robbery in connection with a subsequent confrontation with bystanders, including a man who live-streamed it on Facebook. 

Councilmember-at-Large Rebecca Kaplan said she "condemns the assault," and would condemn it regardless of whether the victim was homeless. 

"This was not an act of cleaning up the lake. This was stealing someone's belongings," she said. 

Carlson said Californians are becoming increasingly frustrated with the homelessness in big cities like Oakland and San Francisco. He said homelessness is often blamed on high housing costs, but Tokyo has higher housing costs without the accompanying homelessness issues. 

"What does Tokyo know that Oakland and San Francisco don't know?" he asked, pointing out that middle-class residents are fleeing the Golden State. 

Kaplan countered that many Americans are pushed into homelessness by high health insurance costs, while other nations have "universal health care." 

Watch the segment above.

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