Sean Hannity offered advice to demoted FBI Agent Peter Strzok, whose texts with his FBI lawyer lover were part of the focus of an inspector general's report into the handling of the Clinton email scandal.

Hannity said Strzok was escorted out of the FBI building in Washington months after what the host called the agent's "rampant pro-Hillary, anti-Trump bias" was exposed.

"Why didn't this happen earlier?" Hannity said. "The facts now are irrefutable."

Hannity said Strzok helped draft an "exoneration letter" for Hillary Clinton while displaying an animus toward then-candidate Donald Trump.

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"Is this what we call justice in the United States?" Hannity asked, adding that Strzok's lawyer implied his client was the victim of political targeting.

To Strzok, Hannity offered, "you do have the right to remain silent... I'm suggesting you use it."

Hannity later said that with several officials being reprimanded over the past year or so, "the deep state is crumbling right before our very eyes."

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