Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan blasted Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) over comments she made about the Trump administration in a recent interview.

Gillibrand said in the "Off Message" podcast that many "ideas" from the president's administration are "dark."

She agreed with Politico's Edward-Isaac Dovere that they are the "devil's schemes," a reference from the biblical Book of Ephesians.

“It’s not specifically about the president. It’s about ideas that are evil. It’s about darkness, which is rooted in hate,” she said.

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Gillibrand described the separation of migrant families at the border as "an evil, dark thing."

Reacting on "America's Newsroom," Homan - who is set to leave his post at the end of June - called on Gillibrand to "sit down and fix the system"

"If she really wants to do her job, sit down and fix the system and close these loopholes. There's where she can help," he told Bill Hemmer.

Homan said that migrant families are heading to the border making "frivolous" asylum claims and are being coached on what to say in order to gain entry into the country.

He added that President Trump is fulfilling his promise to secure the border, but that it's up to Congress to find an ultimate solution.

"I don't think they want to fix it," Homan said. "They want this issue out there rather than doing their job and [fixing] this issue."

He said that ICE does not want to separate families, but that "the law is the law." Homan implored House Republicans to fix the "broken" immigration system, as the president is set to meet with them in Washington on Tuesday.

"I'm hoping they can sit down as a group of lawmakers and do their job," he said.

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