Republican congressional nominee and Trump supporter Katie Arrington joined Steve Doocy on "Fox & Friends" to talk about her big primary win and what it means for this November's midterms.

Arrington defeated incumbent Republican South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford in last Tuesday's election, and she credits President Trump's last-minute endorsement with pushing her over the finish line.

During the campaign, Arrington repeatedly bashed Sanford for deriding the president and even ran advertisements featuring video clips of Sanford's Trump criticisms.

"South Carolina was ready for a change. It was something that we needed," Arrington said. "I've knocked on thousands of doors and people said it's time for a change."

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Arrington, who will face Democrat Joe Cunningham in the general election in November, said Trump is doing a "phenomenal job," and she strongly supports the conservative values that he stands for.

As for speculation that the Democrats could win the House and possibly even the Senate in November, Arrington is not concerned about a looming "blue wave" in The Palmetto State.

"There's no blue wave washing on the shores of South Carolina," Arrington said. "We are a strong red state. We believe in the conservative values President Trump has. And overwhelmingly you saw that in this past primary season, without a doubt."

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