Sean Hannity said that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has "a lot of explaining to do" after his report claimed the FBI's actions surrounding the Clinton email scandal were not motivated by political bias.

Hannity said the facts in the report show "the huge, massive missteps [and] corruption... surrounding the so-called Clinton investigation."

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He said there is a "mountain of evidence proving the guilt [of Clinton],"  and that "the swamp protects the swamp."

He said that if the case were prosecuted without biases of agents like 48-year-old Peter Strzok and others, "the deep state's choice for president (Clinton) would be out of the [2016] race."

Hannity also said that another case of alleged corruption at the DOJ surrounded a department official who sought a Clinton campaign job for his son, and later shared information with campaign chairman John Podesta.

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