German Chancellor Angela Merkel could soon be "heading home as a private citizen" due to conservative pushback over the country's lax immigration and border security policies, columnist Tom Rogan explained Monday. 

Merkel's ruling coalition has fractured over a new proposed policy that would turn away more asylum seekers at the country’s borders. The Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) is demanding Merkel get tough on refugees and asylum seekers, with the party facing a critical vote in regional elections. 

Merkel said she wants a bilateral agreement at an EU summit, but Horst Seehofer, the CSU interior minister, has given her an ultimatum of next Monday to change course.

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If Merkel chooses to replace Seehofer as interior minister, it could trigger a crisis and collapse her ruling coalition. 

President Trump, who has had a frosty relationship with Merkel since taking office, took to Twitter Monday to declare that Germans "are turning against their leadership."

Rogan, a Washington Examiner commentary writer, explained that Merkel is facing a "populist pushback" within her own ranks. 

"There is a context here of rising criminality, which to a statistical degree is part of the migrant problem," he said, adding that Democrats in the U.S. and Merkel in Germany both "neglected to their peril" the opposition among citizens to illegal immigration and lax border security. 

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