Pastor Robert Jeffress said Dallas Mayor Michael Rawlings and the Dallas Morning News successfully pressured a billboard company to remove an advertisement for his church.

Jeffress said a columnist for the paper called him a "bigot" for declaring "America Is a Christian Nation" and that Rawlings called it "divisive" and characterized it as hatred.

The billboard was posted to advertise "Freedom Sunday" at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, where Jeffress is the senior pastor.


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"[Rawlings] does not have the right to weigh in on this and to disparage our church," Jeffress said, adding that the incident "shows me the hypocrisy of liberalism."

Jeffress called the left the "most intolerant people" because they are most intolerant "when it comes to ideas they disagree with."

Jeffress said the recent Supreme Court decision that ruled a Christian baker did not have to bake a gay couple a cake declared that the government "cannot be hostile toward religion."

He said his line was based on a quote from John Jay, the first chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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