Senate Judiciary Committee Member John N. Kennedy (R-La.) pressed Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz on his report's finding that bias did not affect prosecutorial decisionmaking in regard to the Clinton email scandal -- in a round of questioning that made unexpected references to Jimmy Hoffa and the tooth fairy.

In his report, Horowitz said he found no evidence that the Clinton email probe was affected by bias.

Kennedy asked Horowitz a rapid fire set of "can we agree" questions, including as to whether fired FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe were "insubordinate."

He asked whether "intentional insubordination" could be a "symptom of managerial bias" and whether "bias is a state of mind."

Horowitz agreed on all points, prompting Kennedy to continue asking further questions.

"Are you referring Comey for prosecution?" Kennedy asked, noting that Horowitz agreed with his assertion that bias and insubordination can be related.

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Kennedy said McCabe is already being referred for prosecution, but that Comey thus far has "kept his pension and book deal."

Horowitz said he was not going to comment on whether Comey should be prosecuted.

Kennedy then read a series of damning texts between FBI Agent Peter Strzok and attorney Lisa Page -- including ones where Strzok called Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) "an idiot like Trump," and calling Trump "abysmal" and "an idiot."

He read texts from Page calling him a "loathsome human" and sounding aghast when Trump reportedly commented publicly on the size of his privates.

"General, do you believe in the tooth fairy?" Kennedy asked, to which Horowitz responded "no."

He also asked whether Horowitz believed in the Easter Bunny or whether infamous missing Teamsters union boss James Hoffa Sr. died "of natural causes" -- in reference to the contention Hoffa was murdered by the mob and buried in an end zone at the old Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

When Horowitz answered again in the negative, Kennedy asked whether he "honestly believes that the American people are going to look at this report and these emails and not believe there was bias" involved in decisionmaking at the FBI in regard to Trump and Clinton.

Watch the video above to hear Horowitz' response and Kennedy's further questioning.

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