Laura Ingraham reacted to what she called "faux liberal outrage" and "destruction of the rule of law" when it comes to immigration policy in the United States.

"Every country has an obligation to protect its borders and its citizens," Ingraham said.

"For too long, immigration law was ignored, frankly, and basically unenforced," she said.

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Ingraham said former President Obama's policies "exacerbated problems at the border."

She said that since Democrats "lost the argument and the last election," they've turned images of asylum seekers' children separated from their parents into a "political weapon" in order to "change public perception" of the issue.

Ingraham said that children of foreign nationals who are in federal facilities in border states have a higher standard of living than American citizens in low income communities, as well as the tens of thousands of homeless veterans.

Watch her full Angle commentary above. At the end of the show, Ingraham clarified her comments about the border facilities. 

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