White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley blasted Democrats on Monday for their lack of cooperation in fixing the issue of separating migrant families at the border.

Gidley argued Monday on "Fox & Friends" that the law in place calls for the parents to be deported but the child to stay in a border shelter.

He called the situation at the border a "crisis" and stressed that while Trump does not like the conditions reported at some detention centers, the law needs to be enforced.

"This is all the Democrats' doing," he said, saying that the media's message that the Trump administration created the problem is false.

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He said border agents are facing a "false choice" due to the current laws: release the families into the United States or separate them while the law is enforced.

Gidley also disputed an assertion made by Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz that President Trump can stop the families from being separated.

"I heard Alan Dershowitz say you could send them back together as a family unit. You can't. The law doesn't say that," said Gidley.

Dershowitz had said regardless of the state of the facilities where detained children are living, the act of separating children and parents cannot continue.

Gidley added that Democrats believe illegal immigrants should be released from detention "without any ramification."

He also asked Democrats where their outcry was for the "permanent separation" American families endure when a loved one is killed by an illegal immigrant.

"The permanent separation is the biggest abomination," he said.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently directed border and immigration authorities to implement a zero-tolerance policy for prosecuting individuals who enter the U.S. illegally.

Gidley said that building a border wall will help mitigate the issue of family separation because it will force families to go through points of entry.

"It's a safer, much better situation for them, no question," he said.

He also said that President Trump is backing two House immigration plans that would include protections for DACA recipients.

"It's a dangerous situation for this country, and it's all on the backs of the Democrats," Gidley said.

Watch the interview above.

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