The mother of a law enforcement officer killed by an illegal immigrant drunk driver in 2014 said that politicians are feeding the public "B.S." when it comes to the separation of migrant families.

Mary Ann Mendoza's son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, was killed in a head-on collision with Raul Corona-Silva, an illegal immigrant who drove 30 miles the wrong way on several Arizona highways.

"This is extortion to the American people, what these politicians are doing and trying to cram all of this immigration B.S. down our throats," she said, asking why Democrats and the media never express concern for the victims of illegal immigrant crime. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently directed border and immigration authorities to implement a zero-tolerance policy for prosecuting individuals who enter the U.S. illegally.

Immigration Expert: Border Shelters Are a 'Big Step Up' for Most Migrants

As a result, there has been an uproar over parents and their children being separated at border detention centers, as well as the conditions of border shelters for children staying there.

She added that the conditions of children being dragged across deserts for miles without water just to get to the border doesn't compare to the conditions they see inside the border shelters.

"What would a homeless American child or a homeless veteran do to have those kinds of facilities and three square meals?" she said.

"These are the people that Americans and our politicians are forgetting about."

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