Greg Gutfeld tackled what he believes to be the true genesis behind New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's new environmental message.

In a video posted to Brady's Instagram page on June 5, World Environment Day, he advocated against the use of plastic straws in order to beat pollution.

"Next time you see a plastic straw ... just say 'No, I'm not falling for your ruse, straw,'" Brady said in the video.

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Gutfeld said Saturday that he believes the reason behind Brady's video is the ex-boyfriend of his wife, Gisele Bündchen.

Bündchen dated Leonardo DiCaprio in the past, and Gutfeld said the actor's affinity toward environmentalism has trickled over to Brady.

"She's been trying to turn [Brady] into Leo DiCaprio since she met him," Gutfeld said.

DiCaprio has been an outspoken environmental advocate for years, with climate change awareness among the causes he champions.

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