The executive director for the Center for Immigration Studies said that despite the left's claims that migrant centers are in poor condition, most shelters allow better living conditions for immigrants there.

Mark Krikorian said on "Fox & Friends" that the centers for minors are not detention centers, and rather shelters.

"Nobody's detained from leaving. They can just leave. Sometimes they do," he said.

He said that an adult detention center he visited offered better living conditions for those held there.

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"For a lot of the folks from rural El Salvador [or] Honduras, it's a big step up," he said.

Krikorian said that those in the centers can receive dental care, sometimes for the first time in their lives, and that he was told some even ask to go back if arrested in another location.

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden (D) said Saturday that after visiting with immigrant detainees, he decided Trump's "zero tolerance" policy "makes zero sense and shows zero understanding of American values.”

Wyden continued, "We don’t just lump and dump. And that is my sense of what this policy is all about."

Krikorian elaborated Trump's policy, saying that in the past children were used as metaphorical shields if a parent was arrested at the border.

"You were exempt from prosecution for the federal crime as long as you had a kid with you," he said.

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