Herman Cain slammed the FBI staffer who ripped voters of President Trump in the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report on the Hillary Clinton email probe.

A message by the unidentified employee in question labeled Trump voters as "poor" and "lazy," among other insults.

Cain, a retired business executive and 2012 Republican presidential candidate, said that the person who made the statement is "living in a bubble" that he or she needs to get out of.

"This is an insult below the belt," he said Saturday on "Fox & Friends."

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The message read:

“Trump’s supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. They probably didn’t watch the debates, aren’t fully educated on his policies, and are stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited enthusiasm.”

Horowitz also referred five FBI employees for investigation into politically charged texts, revealing that more FBI officials than originally thought were exchanging anti-Trump messages.

“Some of these text messages and instant messages mixed political commentary with discussions about the Midyear investigation, and raised concerns that political bias may have impacted investigative decisions,” the report said.

Horowitz concluded in his report that while mistakes were made, there was no bias in the FBI's handling of the Clinton email investigation.

"I believe someone with this insulting attitude sees the world only through the narrow lens of what they capture in liberal New York, liberal [Washington] D.C. and liberal Hollywood," Cain added.

"It doesn't represent the lens of the media for regular people."

Cain said that the report on the bureau employees draws potential bias in the Mueller investigation into question.

He said that people who "see America through their daily lives" are the ones who voted for Trump.

"Deplorables, unite," he added.

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