On Friday morning, President Donald Trump made a surprise appearance on "Fox & Friends" and spoke about the inspector general's report, James Comey and much more.

The impromptu interview came a day after the release of the scathing report by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, which found fired FBI Director Comey was insubordinate and criticized his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Trump said that the report "totally exonerates" him, and it was a "total disaster" for the FBI, Comey and Comey's "minions" in a Friday morning tweet, writing that he did the American people a great service when he fired Comey in May 2017.

Speaking to Steve Doocy on the White House lawn, Trump said the report is a "horror show" and it reveals that the "scum on top" of the Obama-era FBI were plotting against his presidential campaign.

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"I think Comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves. It was a den of thieves," Trump said, pointing to fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who exchanged a series of politically-charged, anti-Trump text messages.

"What they did during the election was a disgrace. It's probably never happened in our country before," Trump said. "There was total bias."

Trump also strongly disagreed with Horowitz's conclusion that while mistakes were made, there was no bias in the FBI's handling of the Clinton email investigation.

"The end result was wrong. There was total bias," Trump said.

Watch the extended interview above.

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