Jesse Watters and the panel on The Five reacted to a tense exchange between White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Playboy correspondent Brian Karem.

Karem interrupted Sanders as she was responding to CBS reporter Paula Reid on the topic of migrant children being separated at the border.

"You're a parent, don't you have any empathy for what these people are going through?" Karem said.

Watters said that Karem and those on the left who are critical of Trump's immigration policy platform "don't know if [migrant children] are being trafficked."

He said the best deterrent for families coming illegally to America and being separated is building a wall.

"[Karem] is an emotional wreck [who] embarrassed himself," Watters said.

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"He's like Acosta," he added, referring to CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, who often engages in fiery exchanges with Sanders.

Watters said Karem had a "meltdown" and that he and others "don't belong there" in the James Brady Briefing Room.

He said that if the parties were swapped -- if Karem were a male conservative reporter shouting at a liberal president's female press secretary -- the response to the incident would be very different.

Greg Gutfeld said Karem is like "the press room hobo."

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