In his Opening Monologue, Sean Hannity called Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz' report on the handling of the Hillary Clinton email case by the FBI and DOJ a "swamp document" and said the official did not go far enough in identifying "bias."

"The facts in this case are not in dispute," he said. "[Americans] should be shocked, disappointed and concerned [by its findings]."

Hannity said the report proves that there is abuse of power and corruption at the "highest levels" of the FBI and DOJ.

"The hatred of Donald Trump on the left and in the media in this country knows no bounds," he said, adding that fired FBI Director James Comey "went rogue."

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He ripped Horowitz for declaring that he could not find whether bias impacted the FBI investigation into Trump, saying that Comey was "literally writing the exoneration of Hillary Clinton before interviewing her."

Hannity said texts between adulterous FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page lamented Trump's election after Strzok said, "we'll stop" Trump's rise.

Hannity added that other officials made disparaging remarks about Trump supporters, including one who claimed they could "smell" Trump voters after entering a rural Virginia Walmart.

Another referred to supporters as "lazy POS that think we will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing."Hannity also had one last question for current FBI Director Chris Wray, regarding Strzok.

"Why does he still have a job?"

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