Tucker Carlson and a former Democratic National Committee official clashed over the rising threat of the MS-13 gang, whose motto is "rape, control, kill."

The murderous gang has been repeatedly acknowledged by President Trump as a growing concern nationwide, and has most recently been terrorizing a middle school in Maryland.

The violent gang has infiltrated the predominantly Hispanic William Wirt Middle School, and is trying to recruit students there.

Former DNC Press Secretary Jose Aristimuno said Tuesday that some Republicans -- including Carlson -- have unjustly labeled Hispanics and Latinos as gang members just because of their ethnicity.

"You're a ridiculous person for saying that," Carlson fired back. "I've never suggested anything like that. It's appalling that you would say that. ... You're speaking a lie, and not for the first time."

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The Washington Post reported that "a small group of suspected MS-13 members ... throw gang signs, sell drugs [and] draw gang graffiti" at the school.

Aristimuno said that President Trump has said that the majority of illegal immigrants are criminals.

"You're lying for political gain, as always," Carlson replied.

One educator at William Wirt said that the school is "a ticking time bomb.”

Aristimuno suggested legalizing the "majority" of illegal immigrants in the U.S. as a way to weed out those who are criminals.

"We [should] legalize the good ones, don't you think so?" he asked Carlson.

Carlson answered by saying that Aristimuno's solution comports with his "political goal" to create more Democratic voters.

"That's the whole point of all this," Carlson said.

Watch the heated segment from "Tucker Carlson Tonight" above.

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