Tucker Carlson asked Lou Dobbs to break down the current state of the House Republicans' plans on immigration reform.

Carlson said Republicans are trying to "hammer out a deal on immigration ahead of the Fall election" but that the deal would not end chain migration or implement nationwide e-Verify.

Dobbs said the public does not know exactly what is in the plan, and that no debate or amendments have been offered.

He said the plan reportedly does the bidding of "K Street" lobbyists, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and right-wing entrepreneur brothers Charles and David Koch.

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Dobbs said Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is leading the charge on the plan and is politically "owned by K Street."

Dobbs warned that if the House takes up the plan, they could lose as many as 50 seats in the House because the Trump Republican base will not accept the plan.

Carlson asked if pollsters are telling establishment Republicans that their base doesn't like what Dobbs considered a weak immigration reform plan.

"No, they have well-paid strategists who say they should run on the tax cuts rather than the [full] Trump agenda," he said, calling the bid the "most mindless lemming-like rush I have ever seen -- even though they are RINOs -- to absolute disaster."

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