President Donald Trump discussed the Singapore summit with Kim Jong Un and his thoughts on the G7 summit, in an interview with Bret Baier that aired Wednesday.

Baier asked Trump about the criticism he received for floating the possibility of allowing Russia back into the diplomatic fold, and thereby returning to a "G8" summit.

Trump said that he and other world leaders would have a better relationship with the Kremlin "if Vladimir Putin were sitting next to me."

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He said that diplomacy is better executed in person, and that he would have a "better relationship than [via] a call on the telephone" with the former KGB agent.

Trump said he would ask Putin to "get out of Syria [and] get out of Ukraine" if the Russian leader were allowed to attend the next summit.

Trump added that Italy's newly minted prime minister, populist Giuseppe Conti, is a "great guy" and that the new head of state agrees on the Putin matter.

Trump said that he is a stronger leader than President Obama when it comes to Russia, pointing out that Putin annexed Crimea without regard under the Democrat's watch.

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