Comedian Michael Loftus blasted Democrats for enlisting a group of Hollywood celebrities and producers for help in advancing their anti-President Trump message.

The group has reportedly "discussed targeted voter-registration programs" and Democratic "framing of issues ranging from abortion rights to gun control."

"How horrible are you as a political party if you don't wake up knowing what it is you want to do?" Loftus said on "Fox & Friends."

Loftus argued that the Democratic definition of a "fair" government essentially revolves around wealth redistribution.

"It's socialism," he said. "They're selling socialism, that's why they need a new motto."

Some celebrities in the reported DNC group are actresses Alyssa Milano, Helen Hunt and Rosemarie DeWitt, and actors Ron Livingston and Jason George.

Loftus said that the group's communication strategy will backfire on Democrats, saying that they are seemingly out of touch with the general public given their celebrity status.

"They are living up in the Hollywood Hills in the lap of luxury and they're going to tell someone in flyover country how [they] should live?" he said.

Celebrities like Madonna, Johnny Depp and Robert De Niro, among others, have been outspoken in their opposition to President Trump.

Many others have used their celebrity status to engage their followings with Democratic ideals.

"It's so eerily close to socialism, and America can smell it."

Watch the segment above.

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