New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin reacted to news that a New York Times journalist reporting on leaks in the Senate Intel Committee was sleeping with her likely source for her stories.

Ex-staffer James Wolfe is accused of leaking classified information to Ali Watkins who then was interning for a District of Columbia news organization, according to Martha MacCallum.

Wolfe, 57, was tasked with protecting classified information in his main role, however he has recently been accused of leaking such information to Watkins.

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Goodwin said the Times later hired her despite knowing she "had a romantic relationship with a source."

Watkins, 26, however failed to tell the Times that she was also involved in a "federal investigation," Goodwin said.

He said the episode shows a "complete collapse of standards in the mainstream media."

"If you hate Donald Trump, that's enough to get hired," Goodwin said of many media outlets.

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