Tucker Carlson debated former Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein over President Trump imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum from Europe, Mexico and Canada and demanding an end to what he calls "unfair trade practices."

At the G7 summit in Canada over the weekend, Trump initially agreed to a group statement on trade, only to then withdraw from it after saying he was caught off-guard by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's criticism of his tariffs.

Carlson noted that Trump specifically called out Canada for levying massive tariffs on American dairy products.

"Why would it be somehow wrong for an American president to stand up for an American industry in an international meeting?" Carlson asked.

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Goodstein said the problem is that Trump is criticizing our allies, while "elevating" dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

He also criticized Trump for reversing course and backing out of the the G7 trade statement.

"That's not how the United States can conduct ourselves and have anybody -- friend or foe alike -- believe what he say," Goodstein said.

Carlson argued that liberals are infuriated when Trump stands up for American interests because "they don't like America."

"Why shouldn't an American leader stand up for America?" Carlson said.

Goodstein asserted that Trump is actually "standing up" for Russia, while turning a close ally like Canada into an "enemy."

"Why is Russia ... at the center of the liberal mind?" Carlson fired back. "Russia is not even close to the top of the list of threats to the United States. And yet in the view of liberals it's all about Russia. I honestly think it's a psychiatric disorder."

Watch the debate above.

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