Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz said fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is "entitled" to sue the FBI, Justice Department and its inspector general if he wants to.

McCabe is suing the bureaucracies for refusing to surrender documents relevant to his March termination.

Without taking a side for or against the actual decision to sue, Dershowitz said McCabe is "entitled to due process" as every American is.

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"People want to give due process to people that are on their sides," he said. "I don't care about sides... I care about the Constitution."

Dershowitz also commented on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein allegedly engaging in shouting matches behind closed doors and threatening to subpoena documents from fellow Republicans in Congress who are subpoenaing him.

He called the situation a "classic dispute between the separation of powers."

He said Rosenstein should not be able to "bully the legislative branch" and said that Republicans should not be fighting Republicans.

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