Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce said the mainstream media is so opposed to President Donald Trump that they are rooting for him to fail on everything from the economy to the North Korea summit.

"This conversation is not at all about policy or that they have a better idea and they want their ideas to succeed. It now completely is devoid of being based in reality," Bruce said on "Fox & Friends" on Monday.

She argued that many in the press have a "pathological" personal loathing for Trump that's been exacerbated by the fact that he's having successes and following through on campaign promises.

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Bruce said it's understandable to have some skepticism about the North Korea peace talks, but it's another to be completely cynical or to be "cheering" for failure in the first meeting ever between a U.S. president and North Korea’s leader.

"It's clear that the president is blunt, he's transparent about his intentions. And it's a shame that they can't enjoy this possibility as the rest of America is," Bruce said.

As for Robert De Niro's profanity-laced tirade about Trump during Sunday’s Tony Awards, Bruce said Americans are tired of politics being driven by hateful, partisan rhetoric.

"That has failed. We rejected in 2016," Bruce said. "It's a shame that they're going in that direction and they haven't seen what's been good for America."

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