Former White House adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka said Monday that President Trump's historic summit with Kim Jong Un can yield two large results.

Gorka said first, he expects a "symbolic" outcome relating to the potential end of the Korean War.

The president raised the possibility over the weekend of future summits following Tuesday's meeting that could lead to a peace treaty to end the war.

He said after that, a more "tactical" result could come in regards to North Korea's potential denuclearization.

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Gorka said the world is now understanding how quickly President Trump works after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday that a "logical conclusion" is anticipated quicker than expected.

"Everybody understands the stakes," Gorka said. "We have the potential now to go from 'fire and fury' with regards to this issue to potentially peace and prosperity. ... [There] couldn't be bigger stakes than that."

Gorka also said that he was "very disappointed" in Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau following his remarks after the G7 Summit over the weekend.

Trudeau held a press conference after the president departed for Singapore and said that his country will not be "pushed around" by America.

He added that Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs were "unjust."

"If you want to treat your friends like friends, that's exactly what you do," Gorka said. "You don't make arrangements face-to-face and then as soon as the individual's left the building talk behind their back."

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