Comedian Bill Maher sparked outrage by saying he hopes the economy crashes in order to "get rid" of President Donald Trump.

"I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point," Maher said on his HBO show "Real Time" on Friday.

"By the way, I'm hoping for it because one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So please, bring on the recession."

Many people took to social media to criticize Maher's remarks, including veteran political strategist Mark McKinnon.

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McKinnon tweeted that rhetoric like this -- along with controversial statements from liberal celebrities like Robert De Niro and Samantha Bee -- "plays right into Trump's playbook" and will "help ensure four more years."

On "Outnumbered" on Monday, Democratic strategist Adrienne Elrod agreed that remarks like those made by Maher, De Niro and Bee are "not helpful" to the Democrats' cause.

"Of course nobody wants a recession. And if you are a struggling family out there going through hard economic times and you see comments like this, it just turns you off," Elrod said.

Melissa Francis pointed out that a recession wouldn't hurt Maher, who has a hefty contract with HBO.

"It shows how out of touch the Hollywood liberal elite are very clearly," Francis said.

Even Joe Scarborough - a vocal daily Trump critic - agreed that de Niro's outburst helps Trump politically. 

"You'll get him re-elected," co-host Mike Brzezinski said.

See more reaction from "Outnumbered" above.

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