Jonathan Turley agrees with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) that Congress has a right to see documents related to the FBI's alleged use of an informant in President Trump's 2016 campaign.

In a letter sent Friday to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Nunes gave the Justice Department until Tuesday to provide the records, saying failure to do so is "obstruction of a lawful congressional investigation."

On "Fox & Friends," Turley, a George Washington University constitutional law professor, said Nunes is correct that the records should be provided to all House and Senate oversight committee members, rather than just the so-called "Gang of Eight" -- which refers to Republican and Democratic leaders in both houses of Congress as well as top lawmakers from the intelligence panels.

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"The 'Gang of Eight' is completely informal, it's sort of made up," Turley said. "The group of members that have a right to see this and a need to see it are the two oversight committees in the House and Senate, including the committee of Nunes."

He pointed out that the committees -- which are supposed to have direct oversight over the DOJ and FBI -- have been viewed as "paper tigers" for decades, and Nunes is the first chairman in a long time to be this aggressive.

"That's the meaning of oversight," Turley said.

He noted that the FBI and DOJ have a long and checkered history of classifying things that are embarrassing, and the American public -- not just the oversight committees -- needs to see the facts.

"We'll make up our own decision, but I think what the public is tired of is to have all of these ciphers on both sides interpreting evidence that we can't see. It's gotten to the point where the public needs to see this material and reach our own conclusions."

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