Steve Hilton blasted foreign policy political elites for their criticism of the president's trade policies following the G7 Summit in Canada.

Hilton said that President Trump's angering of U.S. allies is undermining the "rules-based international order."

Trump had initially agreed to a group statement on trade after the summit, only to then withdraw from it after saying he was caught off-guard by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's criticism of his tariff threats.

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Hilton said all the establishment cares about is "style," and that "they don't engage in the substance" of Trump's arguments at all.

"The arrogant and unaccountable bureaucrats running outfits like the EU and the IMF who are basically just stooges for big business," he called the establishment.

Hilton labeled them as "self-regarding, after-dinner pontificators" who "glide over" real issues happening in the world and only criticize the president.

He also said that "gullible" journalists feed on the the elitist "rubbish" while at the same time act as though they want the real truth.

Hilton also said that the "rules-based international order" elitists are trying to defend has destroyed communities and broken apart families.

"It undermined faith in government and democracy, as citizens saw that it didn’t matter who they voted for in actual elections. They'd end up with the same elite-serving policies regardless."

"The elitist's hate-filled hysteria shows their true colors. They love the old order because they and their rich friends benefit from it."

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