President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un met face-to-face for the first time, on Sentosa Island Singapore at 9:04 PM ET.

The handshake shared by the two men marked the first time an American president has met a North Korean leader.

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The meeting marks the first time an American president and Kim have met.

The two men shook hands, posed for the cameras, then walked a short distance before exchanging pleasantries via translators.

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Then, Trump led Kim to a hotel entrance, allowing Kim to walk ahead of him into the place where the two men are scheduled to meet for nearly an hour.

Aides for both leaders are scheduled to join the talks at that time.

In 2009, former President Bill Clinton met with Kim's father, Kim Jong Il, however not as the sitting U.S. president.

Previously, former President Jimmy Carter also met his North Korean counterpart, Kim Il Sung -- the grandfather of Kim Jong Un.

However, similar to Clinton, the summit occurred in 1994 after the Georgian left the White House.

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