In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed liberals and the liberal mainstream media who are "rooting" for President Trump to fail.

She said that the liberal media hates the president so much that his success doesn't matter, not even if it benefits them.

Pirro added that the media's criticism of President Trump goes beyond politics.

"They're rooting for America's failure, and that is un-American," she said.

Pirro Praises Trump for Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem: 'He Promised and He Delivered'

She also pointed out how many notable liberal media hosts discounted the president after he canceled the first proposed North Korean summit.

She compared Trump's successes -- like the upcoming summit and the release of three American detainees in North Korea -- to former President Barack Obama, whom she called a "failure."

"The Dems have been crying about nukes forever," Pirro said. "As this president openly negotiates for the safety and security of this nation and enhances our military strength [and] destroys ISIS, they still complain."

She said that Democrats "literally" don't want to see Trump fix the issue of national security.

"Our president has no fear," she said.

"Donald Trump is bringing America back in front of our eyes, and it's time for the un-American haters to get on board."

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