Nancy Colier said that comedian Bill Maher was trying to point out that the country's democracy is at stake when he said Friday that he's hoping for a recession in order to "get rid" of President Trump.

Maher made the remarks on his HBO talk show, "Real Time with Bill Maher."

"Our rules are being taken away. Democracy is what's at stake," she said, adding that she believes Maher was being sarcastic with his comments.

Colier, a Democratic strategist and psychotherapist, said that President Trump is "unraveling the system," and what's being suggested is that he believes he's above the law.

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"As a psychotherapist, we have a raging narcissist in the office," she said of the president.

She went on to point out a "classic symptom" of narcissism by Trump: a need to feel special.

She added that because Trump said he could pardon himself, "you don't need to be a psychotherapist" to understand he's suggesting that he can do whatever he wants.

"We're moving in the direction of an authoritarian government," Colier said.

When asked by Griff Jenkins on "Fox & Friends" why Democrats won't give the president credit for his economic and national security accomplishments, Colier responded by asking why Republicans are "turning away" from "bad behavior."

She referenced the #MeToo movement and said that the president "continues on" while many men found guilty of sexual harassment have lost their livelihoods and personal lives.

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