Sean Hannity praised President Trump's tough talk and corresponding action with North Korea ahead of Tuesday's historic summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

Hannity said that Trump's aggressive stance and rhetoric on the threat of nuclear action has resulted in success.

"Under eight years of the former President [Barack] Obama - his weak and feckless leadership - Kim Jong Un's actions became progressively more aggressive and more hostile," he said Friday.

He added that Obama left Trump with "unfettered international disaster after disaster."

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Trump departed for Singapore on Saturday after attending the G7 summit in Canada.

He will meet with Kim Jong Un Tuesday to discuss North Korean denuclearization and a potential end to the Korean War.

"After eight years of weak, pathetic, spineless leadership under Obama, things have changed," Hannity said, noting that Trump has actually responded to North Korean threats.

He said that the president backed up his tough rhetoric that started last summer by sending multiple carrier strike groups to the region, ramping up sanctions against North

Korea and placing heavy pressure on China, one of North Korea's biggest allies.

He also said that the "mainstream, corrupt, destroy-Trump media" was sent into a hysterical fit after the president's actions.

"Despite the president's diplomatic progress, your media is still hating, doubting and -- sadly, many [people] even -- actively rooting for failure," Hannity said.

Tune in Monday for a special edition of Hannity broadcasting from Singapore at 9:00pm ET on Fox News Channel.

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