Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy called on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to leave her San Francisco "penthouse" and visit areas of the country being positively affected by President Donald Trump's economic policies.

In her weekly press availability, Pelosi said the economy is "not just about the unemployment rate," adding that wages have "stagnated" under Trump and that consumer confidence is low.

Campos-Duffy said Pelosi's consumer confidence claim was a "lie" and that the former House speaker "cared about the unemployment rate when Obama was president."

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Campos-Duffy said Pelosi has a record of making egregious statements about the Trump economic platform, including calling worker bonuses "crumbs" and predicting catastrophe if the tax cut law passed.

"This is a woman with zero credibility when it comes to the economy. She's lying here," Campos-Duffy said.

She called on Pelosi to leave the shadow of the Golden Gate and travel to middle America and the Rust Belt, places where Democrats lost in 2016.

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