Longtime "Special Report" fixture and Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer said in a letter Friday that he has only "weeks to live" after a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Bret Baier honored his friend and Fox News colleague on "The Daily Briefing," saying that Krauthammer had already had a "long battle" with his health over the past year.

"It takes your breath away," he said. "His voice is missed every day."

Baier said that in addition to his humorous but thoughtful takes on the day's news on the air, Krauthammer would regularly make the other panel members laugh when the camera was off.

Baier said he wants Krauthammer to know "how much the world loves him" and how influential a voice he has been in his decades in Washington.

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Perino asked Baier about his trips in Krauthammer's specially customized van from the Fox News bureau and down to where his beloved Washington Nationals play.

Baier said Krauthammer, who lost use of his legs in a diving accident while in college, would drive over to Nationals Park for night games as soon as the panel ended -- operating the vehicle with only his hands.

On his Fox News Reporting special, "A Life That Matters," Krauthammer smiled when remarking it can take him as few as nine minutes to get through Washington's 3rd Street Tunnel and that he often is able to join the spectators before the end of the First Inning.

"He loved baseball [and] loved being with people," Baier said.

Watch Baier and Perino's discussion above.

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