A former Navy sailor who was jailed for one year after being convicted of mishandling classified information said fired FBI Director James Comey is a "domestic enemy" for showing that Hillary Clinton is "above the law" in a similar matter.

Kristian Saucier took six photos of a classified area onboard the U.S.S. Alexandria. Investigators found the photos after a worker spotted the phone in a trash pile. He received an other-than-honorable discharge and a prison sentence before Trump pardoned him.

Saucier said Comey let Clinton off easy after she was accused of mishandling hundreds of classified emails.

"Right after he [recommended against charging Clinton] he said that if anybody else does this, they'd be in prison," Saucier said of Comey.

Saucier is considering filing a lawsuit against former President Barack Obama for prosecuting him without equal justice under the law, citing the non-indictment of Clinton.

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"Donald Trump gave me my life back," he said. "I'm [now] fighting for equal justice for everybody."

"These people aren't above the law," he said, calling people who "change laws to benefit their cronies" "true enemies of the state."

Saucier said that, as a former military serviceman, he "fought enemies [who were] foreign" and now considers fighting Comey via litigation because "he is a domestic enemy."

Saucier's lawyer, Ronald Daigle, was interviewed by Fox & Friends on the matter earlier this week:

The attorney for a pardoned former U.S. Navy sailor who is suing the Obama administration argued Wednesday that he expects to soon have proof that his client received disparate treatment from the Justice Department.

Ronald Daigle said on "Fox & Friends" that he expects the Justice Department inspector general’s probe of the Hillary Clinton email case will be "exhibit #1" in his lawsuit.

"We're hoping [the inspector general's report] is going to be exhibit number one, that here you go, here's how Hillary Clinton was treated and we seem to have a two-tier system of justice here that occurred under President Obama, [James] Comey and Loretta Lynch," Daigle said.

Kristian Saucier received a pardon from President Trump after serving a year behind bars for taking photos of classified areas in a nuclear submarine.

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