Greg Gutfeld said President Donald Trump could propose an immigration reform plan dubbed "Donald DACA" that would politically "destroy the Democratic Party" while honoring Republican principles.

Citing the Democrats' continued obstruction of the Trump platform, Gutfeld and the panel on The Five said it has been difficult for the administration and Republicans to propose a solution to several issues facing the country.

"[Trump] could totally destroy the Democratic Party by introducing his path-to-citizenship [plan]," Gutfeld said, adding that it would have to be "simple, straightforward and clear."

He said that if Trump proposed a way for illegal aliens who are serving in the military or substantially contributing to society to gain citizenship, while simultaneously calling for a border wall with a "gate," the Democrats would be put in a difficult political position.


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"That's not just good politics, that is good policy," Gutfeld said.

Dana Perino added that Trump could similarly "dare" the conservative Freedom Caucus wing of the party to oppose Trump's plan -- as the group, chaired by Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, is on the very right wing of the immigration issue.

Regarding the ICE detention of a pizza deliveryman at Fort Hamilton near Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, N.Y., Gutfeld said the fact that the Democrats will not allow the feds to pursue even just illegal immigrants who have committed further crimes, the "hammer that we use gets wider and wider."

He said that if ICE is not allowed to seek "one out of ten" they appear to have to go after "ten out of ten."

Juan Williams disagreed with the decision of the security guard at the military installation, near the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, to call ICE on a man who had delivered food to the base many times without incident.

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